Devotions from Judy’s heart
Last night I wrote 73 e-mails and then noticed that none of them were going out. At first I thought maybe I could the fix the problem and tried a few things but nothing worked. Al called TDS and tried several things by phone and then said they would have to send out a technician today. He was here quite a while and found out there was a technical glitch in Madison, that needed to be fixed. Now I could have tried all night and I never could have fixed the problem. Sometimes there are things in our lives that need fixing and we need to ask for help from those that have been on the journey longer. This local technician had been working for 13 years for TDS but still couldn’t fix it. So he also had to call for help from above him and waited while it was being fixed in Madison. I remember times in my life when I needed healing of some things from the past and asked for prayer from the Body.  I had already tried on my own to “fix” them but I was still broken in that area. But as they prayed for me, healing came and I was able to move on. Just like today, my computer is up and running and I can move on and send messages again. Let us avail ourselves to Body ministry when we need it and not be “The Lone Ranger”!