Devotions from Judy’s heart

We need to live our lives one day at a time and enjoy each moment. That can mean taking breaks out of our busy schedules and drinking in the present. I thought of that yesterday when Al was with the Sisters at Shalom. They were giving the Spiritual Direction class but at 11 a.m. they took a break as there was a Home Coming parade for St. Scholastica going right past the monastery. Four Sisters rode on one of the floats with their dress garb dating back 100 years. Al loves parades and there was a lot of laugher as he had the Sisters and participants scooping up candy too.  One of our former parishioners was a cheerleader in the parade and Al rushed out in the midst of the parade to give her a big hug! Everyone said that watching a parade with Al was quite an experience!  They could have skipped it all, but I rather think the Lord was smiling on them.  As I read from Paul Keller today, “It is this moment of your life that is most important and you are urged to live it to the fullest, trusting God, and believing that God will bless you with joy, providing  you with healing peace. Don’t reach beyond yourself. Live each moment to its fullest, one moment at a time, and you shall be led forth in peace.