Dear Ones,
Hope your day is full of sunshine and grace. Al is off to men’s group and Ann and Leif are coming to town and an early lunch before our Bible Study. I hope to make apple crisp as I got a whole bag of apples again last night at church.Emoji
Devotions from Judy’s heart
I was blessed by the poem that our friend David sent us and particularly noticed the difference between the first two verses and the last two. When he had received a picture, he saw what he thought looked like a fence or some kind of obstruction but on looking closer he saw the cross and it changed his outlook. When you read this, if you are going through a trying time, remember what a difference the cross makes.
 “I will never forget wandering in the dark and deep Alzheimer’s canyon.
The echoing pain of missing my love and companion.
When the sun sinks low, shadows swallow the light. 
I try to capture memories we made yesterday, but time seems out of sight.
Watching the crimson sun melt into the mountains, I wonder about God when painting the beautiful sky.
You allowed your Alzheimer’s loved one’s colors to be lost. Why?
They have become like a songbird silenced in a glass cage, a prisoner with their compromised mind.
They have ears but cannot hear eyes but are living blind.
(Analysis: after he sees the wooden cross).
I could see in the shadow of a wooden cross His nail-scared hands.
I started dreaming of forgotten flowers blooming that died in the vast Alzheimer’s cruel land.
The sunset is seen differently, like a flickering candle that fades into a whisper of His abundant grace.
The twilight’s gentle descent reveals His goodness as deep as unlimited space. 
When darkness opens, stars are born to sing His praise. 
My faith overcomes my fears, and I thank Him for the challenging journey days.
When I took one step, He took two.
I found mercy and love in His goodness and became new.
Through sunrise and sunset, valleys are low and the mountains high.
His goodness never says goodbye. He is our faithful guide.”
Challenge for today: Ask the Lord to see your problems through the lens of the cross.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy