We are packing now to go to Kurt’s in Kansas early tomorrow morning. WE made a day of it today with baking, shopping, Inflatable Land, having lunch at the hospital with Leif etc.  We got to meet the other men in his CPE program and they are a great bunch. Please pray as we travel!

Devotions from Gary Moon’s book,” Apprenticeship with Jesus”
Dallas Willard said, “God has created us for intimate friendship with Himself-both now and forever.”
To be “in Christ” is to live with our souls plugged into the divine love of God.

Life in His kingdom is a life of interactive friendship with God, the process of learning to be like God, learning to do His will, and learning to be with God.
A good prayer that the author prays each time he has communion is:
“Please be inside me, Jesus, at the very center of my being. Be in every atom in my body, empowering me with your presence, power, and love. I don’t’ know how to live my life, but you do. Live your life through me. Amen

An exercise he recommends is to inhale the words, ”Lord Jesus” and exhale “Live your life through me.” You can do this through out the day and there can be a sacred sense in which to breathe is to experience communion with Him..

Blessings to you!