Devotions from Gary Moon’s book, Apprenticeship with Jesus

As Christians we are suppose to represent Christ to the world but Christianity has a major image problem because of lack of authentic transformation in the lives of people wearing the label of “Christian”.
The author, Gary Moon’s book is all about how we can become like Christ by following Him in the overall style of life He chose for Himself, and how to live as His “apprentices”.

Do we desire a restored relationship with Him of mutual delight, loyalty, esteem and lasting commitment?

Do we want to learn from Him and enter into an apprenticeship with Him?  To stay as close to Him as branches are to their vine? To live a life without hurry, fear, or anger?

C.S. Lewis said, “The whole purpose for which we exist is to be thus taken into the life of God.”
God lives among us offering to teach anyone who is willing to sign on as His apprentice. He invites us to enter into a life with Him, to drink in grace until it oozes back out our pores. He wants us to live each moment of our day with a greater awareness of  Him.

Dallas Willard said that most of us take a vampire approach to being a Christian. We want just a little blood for our sins, enough for eternal life, but not a total transfusion of Jesus life and character.

As apprentices we need to enter into a daily relationship with Him that begins with continual conversations and progresses into intimate communion.