Devotions from Judy’s heart

The other day we unexpectedly received a gift certificate to eat at The Chase in Walker. What a wonderful gift! We are looking forward to going there and using it in the near future. But what if we said thank you and then just left the gift card on the shelf, never to cash in on it? But isn’t that what we do with so many gifts God gives us?  Of course the most important gift is salvation but there are numerous other gifts as well….peace, rest, joy, wisdom, mercy, grace, hope, love etc. We could have a very long list for the Giver never runs out. But the problem is with our receiving and sometimes we don’t recognize that we even  “need” the gift at the time. Or maybe we just put off  taking the gift until another time, and that time never comes. Like the gift of wisdom…we may think we know best and don’t need His wisdom. Or the gift of mercy…we may think we are fine the way we are and don’t need forgiveness and mercy. How rich we would be if we were better receivers and were open to the many gifts He giving to us without measure..