Devotions from Judy’s heart

 I read from “Jesus Calling”  that we need to enjoy life more, relax, walk through the day with childlike delight in Him, savor every blessing, etc. I thought of last night and how we received hospitality in our own home as Kurt, Bo and Jeff prepared a gourmet dinner for us. They came with arms full of food and spread everything out on our counters and set to work to give us a fabulous meal.   We started out with Emeril’s Tortilla soup with browned tortilla strips on top that could have been the meal in itself. Then we had Pork Roulades ( pork loin stuffed with walnuts etc) that was just out of this world, a corn casserole smothered with cheddar, and Dirty Risotto ( rice dish with Italian sausage, pancetta, wine, mushrooms etc.), and Spelt bread from Linnea’s outdoor brick oven.  Doesn’t your mouth just water? We are still savoring the evening of feasting and have left- overs for several meals.  In scripture we see Jesus enjoying meals with his friends and disciples and engaging those around the table. I’m sure the talk was more nourishing than the food!  The table can be a place that we can experience fellowship and belonging. Just like the guys shared experiences from their past and present, we can share how we see the Lord working around and in us.  Let us use our homes to be a meeting place of the heart and bring glory to Him.