Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul Custody

Caring for our soul is never selfish or egotistical. It is the opposite for it is really an act of stewardship. Caring for our souls is an act through which God can replenish our hearts, restore our souls, and revive our day so we can meet the challenges of life, work, and relationships. It says in Prov. 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart. For it is the wellspring of life.” And in Deut. 4:9 “Only  take care, and keep your soul diligently.”

When we love ourselves in a healthy way, we move away from self-centeredness and selfishness. And as we do this it is life giving and honoring to God, having a ripple affect on others too.
We are soulful beings. Our soul is the real person—our heart, mind, emotions, desires, longings- everything that makes up our soul.  It is the truest part of us and will live on after we die. Our body is just the outerwear while we live on earth.

Our soul is God given, God shaped, God sustained.  WE are loved deeply and a reflection of God’s image.  As we care for our souls we will enjoy peace, even in the midst of hard times. We will have exuberance about life and make connections with friends. We will grow in awareness of God and intimate fellowship with Him.  Also, we will find fulfillment in our work He has called us to do. Let us take custody of our souls that we may honor God so He is glorified.