Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul Custody

Are we doing more but living less?  Making a living but not having a life?  Annie Dillard said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives”
Everyone who feels more dead than alive, more tired than energized, more burned out than motivated is a soul who needs to be cared for.  We can gain the world but lose our soul.

We need to take custody of our souls and choose to live in life- giving ways.  We need to take responsibility for our souls and hearts for this is our sacred privilege.  As we do this we will begin to see the transformation that our hearts have always longed for.  Simply put, being mindful of our souls requires loving the Lord our God with all our heart and mind.

We have only one soul. This it the only life we will live-so let’s live it well.