Devotions from Judy’s heart
Many things in life are not either-or but both-and.  As you know, I don’t like to stand out publicly and try to avoid being upfront as much as possible. But sometimes it is good to stand out and the other day was one of them. I went for my prayer walk and put on a neon colored jacket that made me stand out on the road. When I got a ways down the gravel road there were gun shots of someone hunting or doing target practice. I thought who ever it is would have no trouble seeing me! We are told that we need also to stand out from the worldly crowd and be different because of Whose we are. In scripture it says we are to stand out as stars, or like the sun ( Matt 13:43). We are to be a light and to shine before others that they may see and give Him glory ( Matt. 5:16) When I looked up the meaning of neon color it said, “Bold, bright, vivid, dazzling, cheerful, lively , positive, upbeat, optimistic, shining, radiant. “etc.  Just think of the light that would be shed on others if we displayed those neon colors?  Take care for what you wear for sometimes it is good to “stand out” that others may be drawn to Him.