Devotions from Judy’s heart

When Jesus calls us to follow Him, He calls us to journey with others. Christian spirituality is not a solitary matter. To journey alone is folly. To journey with others is the joy of spiritual friendship and fellowship.” ( Gary Moon)   I thought of how true this was as yesterday we all worked together in the church kitchen making a huge amount of lefse, and fellowshipping together.  Yes, maybe one person could have made it solo but would have taken forever and he would have missed out on the fellowship. I was struck by how important it is to all work together and each do our part for the sake of the whole. One man formed all the balls of dough and we all had to wait until that was done before we could begin our part.  Made me think of the Holy Spirit and how necessary it is that He initiates what is to be done or all the effort is wasted.  We had the next group rolling out the dough into thin circles before giving it to us that were grilling. Then after being grilled another group dusted them off and bagged them to be distributed. Each one had a specific job and if they didn’t do it the whole group would have suffered. Maybe we don’t think our part is important or that others in the Body may be more prominent and do their job more perfectly. But each one of us has been called to be an integral part!  If the rollers didn’t do their job, the grillers would not be able to continue. Some that had done this many years were better and faster but even the “ lefse rejects”  that had a hole in them were just as tasty as the perfect ones. ( We enjoyed them at break time!)  Let us remember to do the part we are called to and to co-operate with the whole. Then there will be much glory to God and more people will want to join!