Devotions from Gary Moon’s book, Apprenticeship with Jesus

Robert Duvall said we must accept weaknesses in good people or we have to tear pages out of the Bible.

Most members of the Holy Hall of Fame were broken.  Jacob was a deceiver, Moses a murderer, David and adulterer and a murderer etc.

We may be distracted from our present-moment experience with God by mistakes, regrets, and guilt from the past.
The author had a vivid picture of standing in a stream and being washed clean from the past, letting it go. It was like Jesus saying the future is all upstream as you let go of the past downstream.  As we live as an apprentice to Jesus, our primary activity is to be with Him in the river that is our life, accepting the relationship, enjoying the fellowship, and waiting with Him as the future flows into the present moment.

You might want to find a quiet place and picture yourself in the river by Jesus, envisioning you are being baptized.  Remind yourself that everything from the past is downstream and that the future is being brought to you. You do not need to swim upstream, as it will arrive in good time. He is with us to help us in each present moment that flows our way.