Devotions from Judy’s heart

Sometimes it is good to speak up!!  On Saturday when we went to Brainerd, Al was going to take me to El Tequilas for lunch. I reminded him that it was really his turn to choose so we ended up at Culver’s.  Al saw that they had his favorite pumpkin ice cream with pecans but he decided not to splurge. When we were almost done eating, the friendly Manager walked by our table and asked us how everything was. We said fine but then I thought, I will tell him about his soup as it was Chicken and Rice soup and there wasn’t one piece of chicken in mine. He apologized and told us he would be back after checking the soup. ( I think I can count on one hand of times in my life that I have complained about food in a restaurant,. but he seemed so friendly I did).   He came back and said he was sorry and it should be filled with more chicken. He proceeded to offer us coupons for 2 free desserts, which included the pumpkin pecan sundae Al had wanted and the caramel one that I love. We were impressed by the way he handled the criticism and it will cause us to go back there again. He was so gracious and looked into things to see if it was true. Do we do that when we get criticized or do we defend ourselves first?  For me, it was a lesson, also  that I should speak up when prompted and not hold back since my natural tendency is not to cause “waves”. In scripture we are told we “have not because we ask not.”  ( James 4:2)  Could it be that we are missing out on many good things the Lord has for us?  I think it is His delight to give to us, even those things that aren’t always necessary but an unexpected treat!