Devotions from Judy’s heart
A couple weeks ago we went to see our grandson, John Mark, who was adopted by Mark and Andrea. He is their son, and the adoption is final and irreversible, which gives great security to John Mark. He was chosen by them and he belongs to them now. I often hear Mark calling him, “son”.  We have also been adopted into God’s family, not because we are so good and have kept His commandments, but because He loves us. As Max Lacado writes in his new book, Grace,  “To live as God’s child is to know that this very instant that you are loved by your Maker, not because you try to please Him and succeed or fail to please Him and apologize, but because He wants to be your Father.”   We belong!  We are part of His family!  Max’s prayer is a reminder of His wondrous love for us. “My child, I want you in my new Kingdom. I have swept away your offenses like the morning clouds, your sins like the morning mist. I have redeemed you. The transaction is sealed: the matter is settled. I God, have made my choice. I choose you to be part of my forever family.” Isn’t that just the best news?  Let us live as His beloved adopted children!