Yesterday I went for a walk to the Point for a time of reflectionby the Lake.  On the way home I noticed a road sign that showed the winding road and curves ahead. I thought how great it would be if our journey was like that and we could know what is ahead. But of course we don’t and would that be good?  Would we then be quiet and listen to Him in trust? So often we go to the Lord telling Him we need this or that, or even just tell Him we are His child. But He already knows that and knows our heart and intention far better than we do. How much better it would be to sit in quietness with Him and remember that He prays within us. Sometimes I wonder if the Lord doesn’t want to just hush us up so He can communicate to us in our inmost being.  As I read today from Michael Molinos, “The transformation of your soul consists not in speaking to God nor in thinking on God, but in loving Him greatly.”  He goes on to say this is acquired by silence of our words, silence of our desires and silence of our thoughts.  Today in our women’s class the leader had us close our eyes and listen to the Word she read, followed by sharing what spoke to us.  I think I received more today than many other studies that were so full of information. The Lord wants to guide us to the place where He alone communicates Himself to us. It is in that place that I believe He transforms our soul!