Dear Ones,
It seems like it is trying to snow today but we are hoping it holds off as our son and buddies are painting the Silver Chateau. They went to the cabin yesterday afternoon and trying to get it done. This morning I baked cookies and mades stew and  went for my eye appointment. This afternoon is Crafts and tonight is Bible study. Al preached this morning next door at Assisted Living and gave communion, and will be doing it once a month.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Have we forgotten God? Do we take Him for granted? I was reading today from Psalm 106 (The Message) and it tells of how the children of Israel took God’s wonders for granted and forgot God’s great and wonderful love. They cared only about pleasing themselves and turned a deaf ear to His voice; so, God gave them empty hearts and most of them never entered the Promise Land. Sadly, they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness and then missed seeing the land flowing with milk and honey.
All of us need to come back to God if we have wandered off on our own. We need to get rid of the things that separate us from Him and come into His presence in deep ways.
I was reading of King Hezekiah who ruled in Jerusalem for 29 years and how he helped the people come back to God. The temple was in disrepair and he called the priests and Levites together and told them to consecrate themselves; he also said to consecrate the temple and give it a good housecleaning as the doors were boarded up and acts of worship were canceled. They obeyed and took 8 days to get rid of the filth and pagan junk and cleansed and consecrated the temple. I was reminded of all the worldly rubbish that has entered the church today how it needs to also be cleansed. We are to be witnesses and lights to the world and not let the world take over the church!
After the cleansing, the people brought thank offering and sacrifices and worshiped the Lord. King Hezekiah had the Levites form an orchestra with instruments of cymbals, harps, zithers etc. and the priests played their trumpets while the singers sang. When the burnt offering of 600 bulls and 3,000 sheep was finished, the king and all of the people bowed to the ground and worshiped. Following that the Levites sang anthems of praise with joy and reverence as they knelt before the Lord. The people had come back to God and it was an awesome time.
The people went home and later the King sent out invitations for the people to return for Passover.
They celebrated for 7 days with feasting and worship, and then decided to keep going for another week as they were bursting with joy. What a difference it makes when we give ourselves fully to the Lord rather than wandering off. Let us not forget the Lord but live in His immense love and joy.
Challenge for today: Ask for forgiveness and cleansing and for a heart that seeks the Lord.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy