Devotions from Stephen Smith’s book, Soul Custody

Choosing to become who we are is one of the most important choices we make in life.  How often we try to be many people other than who we really are. When we choose to be ourselves, we honor God’s intent with us. IT is a journey of transformation as we learn to give up all the false selves we have tried to be and accept our true selves. Fueling the false self requires so much energy and we always need something more to impress or to be powerful etc.  What freedom there is when we take off our masks and let our true faces shine forth.  But we have to get rid of the lies we have believed that we are what we do, or we are what we have, or we are what other people think of us. Instead we must embrace the truth that we really are the beloved of God and are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every soul has glory within and is an image bearer to God.