Devotions from Judy’s heart

One day when Al and I were going to church we drove through a blind zone where the speed limit is only about 35 mph.  Al was going just a tad above that but there was a car behind that wanted us to go faster and was right on our tail. Al didn’t speed up as he respects the people that live on that curvy section of road but it was irritating to have someone right on our bumper. He didn’t give in to the pressure though and maintained  his lower speed.  Sometimes people in our lives want to push their agendas on us ( especially in this political time) and it doesn’t really change us but almost makes us firmer in what we believe. We must be careful in dealing with others also, that we don’t push our views on them but give them space to wrestle out the issues.  We won’t all agree on things but we need to respect others and be open and willing to change if we feel led after giving it time and space. Let us not pressure but remember when we differ on things that each one of us is responsible for ourselves before God.