Devotions from Judy’s heart

When we babysat recently for Kurt’s family, Grant was sick the whole time. He and I had a great deal of playing time together as he was too sick to go outside. My knees were rather sore from all the time spent down on the floor racing trucks and playing twister etc!  Our time together was like the sewing of seeds in his young life. On Friday night after I talked to Lily on the phone about her oral surgery, she said that Grant wanted to talk to me too. He had so much to share and talked for a long time of what was happening there, choosing his Halloween costume etc.  When he said good-bye his parents said, “You have no idea how unbelievable that was that he even talked to you on the phone. He doesn’t talk at all on the phone– ever!!!”   I felt very privileged! It reminded me that whenever we sow seeds, we must be patient and not expect instant results. Some may take a long time and we may never even see the fruit in our life time. But we don’t sow only to get back, but sow out of love for Him. It says in Ps. 128:2 “ You shall eat the fruit of the  labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”  Let us not regard the wind but sow seeds each day!!