Dear Ones,
Hope you are enjoying this sunny day! I imagine there are some happy hunters that have gotten their deer. I did food prep and cleaned the apartment this morning  and got some chicken soup made. Ann may stop by  as she is shopping in Baxter. 
Just think, we get an hour more sleep tonight so must remember to set our clocks back tonight! 
 Devotions from Judy’s heart
God is always at work, even though we may not see what He is doing with our physical eyes at the time. He does not slumber but is at work all the while. When we plant seeds in our gardens, it takes time for what is happening beneath the soil before we actually physically see something begin to sprout. During that time, we have to be patient and wait, making sure the seed gets sunshine and water.
In the Fall I bought a small growth kit for parsley. I put the medium pellet in water, fluffed it and put it in the pretty pot and sowed seeds. After being in a sunny window on my tea cart for a short time, all kinds of greens peeked up and were visibly growing. I was excited as it is hard to believe that the dry small pellet was the seedbed that produced life, and a short time later decorated our dinners with fresh parsley.
It is a lesson in faith when we can trust that the Lord is working, even though there is no physical evidence. When we pray, He hears and answers, even though it still remains hidden what He is doing. But during this time, we are to trust Him, to pray, and to read His Word, while watching in faith for signs. We need spiritual eyes to see and we can pray as Paul did in Eph.1:18-19 (NRSV),” so that with the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know what is the hope to which He has called you, what are the riches of His glorious inheritance among the saints, and what is the immeasurable greatness of His power for us, who believe, according to the working of His great power.” Our eyes need to be enlightened and focused on the Lord in trust. The enemy will sow seeds of doubt in our hearts, telling us that nothing is really happening, or even that the worst is taking place. But we have to have eyes of faith and not let the deceiver distract us and cause defeat. The Lord wants us to be full of hope and to know His incredible power and love. Let us pray and rely on Him and expectantly wait in faith for what He will do.
Challenge for today:  Pray about a concern you have and then begin thanking him for how He is working, even though you don’t yet see.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy