Devotions from Michael Molinos book, The Spiritual Guide

When the Lord wants to purify our souls He can use a rough file but it is always for our spiritual profit.  At such times we need to be quiet before Him and see these times as great gain in our lives. That is not always easy. Often we are injured by another person who may be a believer. The sin of the other person may be against the Lord but He can work it for good in our lives and bring purification. We can think of Jesus and how the wickedness of Pilate caused His death but yet it was for our salvation  So even though we are hurt by others we can still have peace from Him, knowing He is doing deep things within us. Perhaps our soul never really loves and believes more than at those times when it is afflicted. Every one of God’s children must pass through such times. It can keep us firm in our relationship to Him and give us greater confidence in Him.