Devotions based on Michael Molinos’ book, The Spiritual Guide

Sometimes God allows periods of darkness ( not due to sin) to illuminate our inward spirit. It is not a time to get upset or to feel God has left us and doesn’t love us. These times of darkness are a sign that God is seeking to bring us closer to Him and we should embrace them since they are for our spiritual good. Often in these times of dryness, we receive wisdom and stronger love. It is also a time when our self nature is dealt with and our senses are purified.

We need to continue to come to Him with quiet attention and not to look for some emotion or a way out of the darkness. We need only to express out desire to do his will and to love Him. Otherwise we simply go around in circles and do not grow in our inner life with Him. An emotional experience with him must not be our goal, for it is not His goal. Let us go on to become more like Him!