Devotions based on Michael Molinos’ book, The Spiritual Guide

Our spirit is the very center, our inward temple of God. He reigns upon His thrown in that place so we may keep our hearts at peace. Troubles may come to us in the form of temptations, trials, subtle suggestions etc. but we can still be at peace in that innermost place.  We might think of it as a divine fortress that defends and protects us. Even when surrounded by enemies we only need to retreat into that place. For there all is quiet, peaceful, secure and calm.  We have this strong castle that will make us triumphant over our enemies!  That place is a deeper place of prayer and love for Him alone. When we are attacked, we need to retreat to that place of peace. When we are discouraged or stressed or afraid we need to seek His face.  “Seek silence in the midst of the tumult, seek solitude in the masses, light in the midst of darkness; find forgetfulness in injury, victory in the midst of despondence, and courage in the midst of alarm, resistance in the midst of temptation, peace in the midst of war.”  Let us remember our inward invincible fortress!