Devotions from Jan Johnson’s book, “Invitation to the Jesus  Life”
Love is doing whatever is needed, no matter how menial, just like Jesus who washed his disciples feet.

How could He do such menial things?  Because He knew who He is.  He came from God.

There are disciplines that can help us die to self.

The discipline of abstinence teaches us to die to self and do it all for the glory of God…example…abstaining from letting our good deeds be known-keeps us from pride.
The discipline of selfless service frees us from living by the opinions of others or doing things to be approved by certain  people.

Solitude drains us of pride because it keeps us from being  productive for a short while.

Silence (not having the last word, not giving one’s opinion unless asked) keeps us from focusing on self.
Frugality also helps us die to desires to indulge ourselves. It helps us learn to be at peace without getting more.

As we practice disciplines, we will have more inner quiet and more time to love people; more time to be content because we are satisfied with not having what we thought we wanted.

It all goes back to “More of Jesus less of me”