Devotions based on Jan Johnson’ book,  Invitation to the Jesus Life

 In James 1:19, we are told to be quick to hear and slow to speak but that is easier said than done.  When we feel insecure, overlooked, or slighted, we often use words to win people over or to prove our sincerity.

Jesus was not given to gushy speeches or explaining himself but to brevity of words.

When we speak little and chose our words carefully, it creates a clear and compelling effect.

Sometimes silence is our best choice. It gives us time to hear God and creates space in which the other person may also hear God.

Sometimes people ask us to take sides but that doesn’t mean we have to. When the woman was caught in adultery and the crowd waited to see which side he would be on, Jesus simply wrote in the sand. Jesus silence gave them time to ponder and caused them to face their own hearts.  Loving people and speaking to their needs is usually better than taking sides.
Inactivity, silence , and brevity of speech give people space to hear themselves.