Devotions from Judy’s  heart

Yesterday a crew of us lefse makers got to church before 9, full of energy and eager to get started. We looked fresh, energetic, and ready to meet the challenge. But 6 hours later this same crew was dragging as we tried to clean up the floury mess in the kitchen and fellowship hall after making 70 dozen lefse. You might say we looked rather haggard…like coming through a war. I think sometimes in the Body of Christ, there are those that are presently going through a spiritual war and are worn down. It’s so easy to give them a quick word to “Hang in there!” …”Things will get better!”….Rejoice in the Lord always!” . We are not understanding where they are coming from as we may be fresh on the scene just like the fresh lefse makers. But when we have come through a war ourselves, we can relate and be there for them.  We know what it is like to feel worn down and attacked so can give words that will bring them comfort, strength and courage. Like it says in Prov. 15:11, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.”