Devotions from Judy’s heart Today I got the picture of Kurt’s family going out for Trick and Treating each dressed in the jersey of their favorite player in Basketball, soccer, volleyball and football. We all have favorite teams and players and that may differ even in the same family. I remember Al’s mom was a big Lion fan and his dad was a Packer fan so some game days it could get intense. But I thought about the Lord and how He loves us all equally and each of us is #No.1 with Him. A relative once told me how she always thought her mom favored her and she was No.#1. When she got together with her sisters, each one felt the same, that they were their mom’s favorite child. I applauded their mom that she made each one of them feel so special and loved and favored. Let us remember that we are loved with the same love that the Father has for His Son. ( John 15:9), which can’t get any better than that. Sometimes it may appear that He favors another more than us when we feel things are not going well and we being exercised in our faith….but the truth is that He loves us All with an everlasting love. ( Jer. 31:3) Let us live in the awareness of being so loved!