Devotions from Judy’s heart

Last night we took our 3 grandsons to scouts as they met at the National Weather Service. We heard a good lecture with lots of diagrams and weather patterns etc. What impressed me was he said about water…we have all the water we will ever get and it is the same water that was present for thousands of years. It just goes through different cycles…like water, to clouds, to snow.  Isn’t it something to think that this same water that we are drinking could have come from the rock that Moses and the children of Israel drank from?  What also struck me was that how we take care of the environment is important but if others in China or some where else don’t do their part, it affects all of us here. We have acid rain!!  Isn’t that the way it is with sin too? We think we are the only ones affected by bad choices that we make but it touches everyone else in some way too. We are all connected and may we treat others and the land as we would want them to treat us.