Devotions from Judy’s heart,

When we left the North woods last Monday morning it was snowing and the temperature was only in the early 20’s. I had on a long sleeved shirt with scarf, a sweatshirt and jacket. Little by little it warmed up and I took off one more layer of clothes. By the time we arrived in Kansas I had on only my long sleeved shirt ( and jeans, of course). I thought of our hearts and how they can gradually get cold when we do not take time for Him. When we come to the realization and desire to come close again, it may take time for our hearts to “thaw” and warm up. We may not realize how far we have strayed and it feels so good to be warmed in the awareness of His loving presence. I think of this often when I am home and start the wood stove in the morning as the fire has grown cold in the night while we are asleep. Let us not fall asleep spiritually and let the fire of His love go cold in us, but let us be ablaze!!!!