Devotions based on Albert Haase’s book, This Sacred Moment

As Christians we need discernment to hear God’s voice not only for our major decisions but also in our daily everyday lives. Discernment is like a pair of glasses that corrects the vision of our ego with all its self-concerns.   It is constantly assessing each sacred moment and wanting to know what Jesus would do and how He would do it. Three important principles are:

  1. The building blocks of His kingdom are the duties and responsibilities of our present state in life.  As we make good decisions freely and wisely in good faith, it will lay the foundation for the Lordship of Christ in our lives. Our ego tells us to go somewhere else, perhaps an exotic place, and that we cannot become holy in our present situation. But the present moment is sacred and our part is to empty ourselves for the benefit of others.
  2. Holiness is orientated toward a healthy lifestyle, not a lifestyle that is destructive and unhealthy. We need to pay attention to the issues of our sleep, food, exercise, and leisure, as well as, our emotional health and psychological stability. Sometimes we grow up feeling God’s call will be undesirable and we will become a doormat for someone else. Healthy Christians cannot give what they do not have so we need to pay attention to our own needs too..
  3. Ongoing discernment requires a commitment to a church community. Christian holiness is not a solitary and individualistic affair.  We are to be united into a Christian community with its responsibilities and opportunities for outreach. As we worship together and reach out, we experience the depth of His will and ways. When we ignore church leadership and are individualistic in our faith we miss the wisdom of the community.  ,

Yes, we can become holy right where we are and let us be open to discerning His voice to our hearts.