Devotions based on Albert Haase’s book, The Sacred Moment

The call of God is like a knock on the door of the present moment in which we find ourselves.  Maybe it is a desire to do a good deed that seemed to come out of nowhere, or a word of advice or encouragement by our spouse etc. Our response to such knocks shows how close we are to God and holiness. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of that knock until we look back and reflect in hindsight. God’s knock can be loud or so soft that it is like an intuitive feeling.

God is always knocking on the door of our experience, and if we live in selfless openness we will have our hand on the doorknob ready and willing to take time to open it. Every time we choose to empty ourselves as Christ did, we enrich the life of another and help His kingdom come. We are coworkers for His kingdom and we are on a mission. We need to ask ourselves: What does my commitment to Christ challenge me to do right where I am?  What is the unmet need of this sacred moment and how would Jesus respond to it. “A Christian without a sense of mission is a stunted Christian.”