Devotions based on Albert Haase’s book, Te Sacred Moment

Just like the man who changed a flat tire for an elderly woman he didn’t know, holiness is about selfless openness and response to God’s call in the present moment.  Holiness is the lifelong journey out of slavery to our own ego to looking beyond ourselves, our concerns, our interests, and our worries.  It begins with selflessness. “Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.( Phil 2:4) The ego wants to control and manipulate everything and everyone within its range of influence. But instead, a selfless openness will respond to whatever the present moment is asking of us. This is an invitation from God to forget ourselves and enrich the life of another. It should be the motivating force and insight behind our selfless acts. We can see why every moment is sacred for it is an expression of God’s will for us. His call to us might be to meet a neighbor’s need, to change a tire for a stranger, to send money to a mission etc. It can be challenging when the present moment might call us to uproot and move or let go of something we cherish.  Like Abraham Let us be alert to what is going on around us so that we don’t miss His calling for us in each moment!