Devotions from Mother Teresa/No Greater Love

The work God calls each of us to do is a means to put our love for God into living action.  Our vocation is to belong to Him. If we say Yes to God it means we surrender fully, without reservations and allow only God to make plans for our future. It is to say, “I accept what ever you give, and I give whatever you take.” It doesn’t mean doing extraordinary things but is a simple acceptance because we belong to Him. It involves loving trust. We must be empty if we want God to fill us.  “If God who owes us nothing, is willing to give us nothing less than Himself, can we respond by giving Him only a part of ourselves? “ He wants all of us. He wants us to give ourselves completely to Him and keep His interests in our hearts. That means fighting against our own ego and love of comfort.

We are not here to just to fill a place, just to be a number. He has chosen us for a purpose and we are precious in His sight. May we give Him all!