Devotions based on Mother Teresa/No Greater Love

“The prize with which God rewards our self-abandonment is Himself.”
Suffering will never be completely absent from our lives but we must not be afraid of suffering. Our suffering can be a means of love if we make use of it. Suffering in itself is useless but suffering that is shared with the passion of Christ is a gift and sign of love.  Christ’s suffering proved to be a gift to us, because it is through His suffering that our sins were atoned for. So when we are going through difficulties let us remember that the passion of Christ ends in the joy of the resurrection. Likewise as we suffer it helps to remember that the resurrection has to come, lest we lose our joy.  Even death can be something beautiful for it is like going home.  At the moment of death, we will not be judged by the amount of work we have done, but by the weight of love we have put into our work.  Death is like our coronation: to die in peace with God. He who dies in God goes home!  We come from God and we go back to Him!