Devotions from Judy’s heart

Before we left on our trip, I walked to our garden and saw that a few of the veggies were peeking out of the soil. Not in every row but I was delighted to see growth in several rows. When we first planted, we had to wait in faith that our work was not in vain. And just seeing some seeds producing is encouraging to believe more is going to happen. I garden with a man who grew up on a farm so he is more expectant of the results than I am. I am always quite amazed when the garden produces a lot. When we sow seeds spiritually, we may get discouraged and think it was in vain if we don’t see results quickly. As we sow, we really don’t know which ones will produce. Some will “produce a crop, multiplying 30, 60, or even 100 times” (Mark 4:8) But let us sow seeds in faith and trust Him for the results. This morning I read a prayer from Mount Carmel ministries which made me think of my own heart: “Gardener God, thank you for tilling the soil of my soul and planting your Word within me. You refresh me with life-giving waters and warm me with the light of your Son. Forgive my fruitlessness. Help me to sow your Word in the soil surrounding me and to trust that your Word will take root. Amen.”