Devotions from Judy’s heart

One day I was about to go out the door to church and Al noticed the tag on the back of my shirt was sticking up. He put it in place but I would not have noticed it and gone to church with it up and showing.  I think there are soooo many things that we are unaware of in our lives that need correcting, and we need to welcome others to help us to see the things that are yet hidden to us. It is easier to deny that we have such things and then to decline help from others. But when God speaks into our lives through his word, or through others that He uses as His instruments, it is because He loves us and wants what is best for us. It says in Ps. 94 that He sees everything and even knows are very thoughts.  Certainly His motive is to help us become more like Him and to get rid of the things that are obstacles in our lives. Sometimes we might be tempted to resent the one God sends to teach us or show us our “junk” , since they are not “perfect” either. But let us receive whatever means the Lord chooses to bring us into more of His fullness.