Devotions from Judy’s heart

We are warned in scripture not to compare ourselves with others or we are without understanding. ( II Cor. 10:12) But isn’t it easy to compare ourselves, our possessions, our looks, our families, our professions etc with others?  Yesterday as I went for my prayer walk, I counted 17 mailboxes side by side near the T in the road. It would be easy for those people who owned those mailboxes to make comparisons with the one next to them. Now it is wonderful to go to our box and find checks every day or letters from loved ones. But some days there is no mail or there may be bills or unwanted letters, and we wish we could have what was in our neighbor’s box instead. But it is the Lord who determines what goes in our box each day and we can receive all things coming from His hand who knows best. When we get all checks or gifts, we can get “spoiled” and think we are entitled and more deserving than others. Or if we get bills and unwanted situations in our lives, we may think God is mad at us or loves another more. But we need to let the Lord determine what is best for us each day and not look to see what our neighbor received. God deals with us individually and we can trust Him with everything that concerns our lives for He is our Father of love.