Dear Ones,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today I made egg dishes and smothered porkchops and went to my exercise class. This afternoon we have an appointment before our walk on the trail. I am wondering if Al is going to suggest going to Culvers for ice cream too!Emoji 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
It is important as followers of Christ to be faithful in how we live our lives. We are all far from perfect but hopefully it is our desire to live more and more like Jesus. Recently
I read what Tim Tebow had to say in living a mission possible life and he used Daniel’s life as a model for us.
Tebow is a two-time national college football champion, Heisman Trophy winner, author, former professional baseball player etc. When he interviews employees for his foundation, he said he looks for those who want to learn and grow and be stretched. He shared some practical ways to live a life of excellence and how to be faithful in even the little things in our lives (Luke 16:10), for then we will be faithful in much.
He says we need to remember to live with integrity, even when no one is watching.
Of course, the eyes of the Lord are always on us, so even if we are not aware of the eyes of others, we are never out of the Lord’s sight. When he was a young boy, he did many good things to win Daddy dollars that could be redeemed for actual money or special privileges. But he discovered that it was more fulfilling to do things to please the Lord, even if no one else was watching or that he got rewarded. 
Tebow also said that it is also very important to do things with a heart of gratitude. We can get bitter when we think of an outcome that is not what we had hoped for or we can choose to think of how faithful God has been to us.  When we are grateful, we will find we are in a better mood, healthier and more optimistic. Some find that keeping a gratitude journal helps them to remember what God has done in their lives and their attitude is more positive and they relax in a better mood.
Tebow also says to do our best and do everything with excellence. Whatever it is that we are doing, we can be intentional to not just do it to get by, but make every effort to do it well. 
Let us not do things half-heartedly but rather with integrity, gratitude and excellence.
Challenge for today: Whatever you do today, do it well and for the glory of God.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy