Devotions from John Ortberg’s book, The Me I Want to Be

There is a unique way in which we experience the presence of the Lord when we are alone.  God wants to give us a sanctuary , a place where we can be ourselves before Him.  Abraham Kuyper wrote about the similarity between the structure of our individual life and that of the tabernacle in the O.T.  There was the outer court, where everyone had access. We have an outer court, the part everyone sees of us. Like when we work, shop, play etc.  The inner chamber is where we allow only certain people to enter such as close friends or family. We decide who we let in. Then there is a very small carefully guarded place deep inside that is most sacred. There is only room for one person and God.

All of us have one of these places inside of us where only God is allowed.  Our soul is alone with God.
Jesus prayed when His life was crowded and draining, when he face important choices, when he was sad, when He needed strength for his work, when he faced insurmountable things etc..  When He prayed things happened. The Spirit invites us to pray and is alongside us helping us by praying in us and for us.  HE knows us far better than we know ourselves. He keeps us present before God.  We don’t have to have fancy words for He is there!

We are free to pray in ways that will best help us live in the joyful awareness of God’s presence.   We can use candles, a verse, and anything that helps us know we are meeting with our very best friend. “In prayer- in the presence of God- we come closest to being fully ourselves.”