Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

Each one of us has a unique assignment on this earth, a personal calling.  As Mother Teresa said, “I was not called to be successful, but faithful. Each one of us has something beautiful to do for God.”  The author  invites into a 3 fold vocation:  to become the person God wants us to be, to care for those closest to us as He has loved us, and to participate in Gods’ kingdom dream for a healed and healing society. I Cor. 7:17 says we are to lead the life the Lord has assigned us, to which God has called us. God sends every person into the world with a special message to deliver, a song to sing for others, with a special act of love to give. No one else can speak our message or sing our song, or offer our act of love.  As we discern this calling our lives are nourished as well as others. God’s call will never diminish or restrict our lives but releases us into real fulfillment. Isn’t it wonderful when we know we are doing what we are created for.and becoming the person He wants us to be?