Devotions from Trevor Hudson’s book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

“Only the power of God’s love, manifest in the lives of ordinary people, can heal our broken world.”  Our highest priority when we know Jesus is to learn to love. Do we want to be remembered as a truly loving person and to live the life of Love as Christ loves us? But our love should not be in just words and talk but show itself in action. ( I John 3:18). Jesus love was a love in action and he touched lepers, shared meals with outsiders, hugged children, fed hungry people, washed dirty feet etc. Love in action is chiefly a matter of the will. When Jesus commands us to love, He doesn’t address our feelings and emotions, for our loving actions are not dependent on good feelings. There are times when we may inwardly decide: No matter how I may be feeling, with God’s help, I commit myself to act in a loving way. Often we may show His love in just very ordinary ways and we can use creativity, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Simple actions connect us with God’s loving presence and are a signs that we are growing in Him. The author suggests that we do an experiment. Begin by asking God for discernment and listing the names of those with whom we share most closely our daily lives.  Write down by their name a practical expression of caring that would most contribute to that person’s wholeness. Then put our intentions into practice and allow our actions to become channels of His extravagant love.  May we be instruments of His love