Devotions based on Trevor Hudson’s  book, Discovering our Spiritual Identity

If we were to think of one word to describe God, it would probably be HOLY. “God is holy because He loves, and loves because He is holy. The Wholly Other is wholly for us,” says Donald McCullough. When Jesus was here on earth He was his own person. He was the same inside and out, never wore masks, and was his true self.  To be holy like Him, is to put Him first and become more truly ourselves. That  means less self-centered and more concerned about the needs of others. How does this happen? On the one side we are made holy by His Spirit who transforms us. As we are open to Him, we are transformed into instruments of His love and nourished in our relationship with Him. The other side requires our co-operation , as it says in Heb . 12:14, “make every effort to be holy.”  There are activities we can do that place our lives more consciously before God so that we can be changed. Two important ones are making space to be alone in God’s presence and exposing ourselves to the suffering of others. More tomorrow on this.