Devotions from Judy’s heart

When I woke up this morning I laid in bed for a few minutes just thanking the Lord for how wonderful I felt. I don’t think I realized how far from wellness I was, even when I came home from the hospital. Last week at this time, I was awake most every hour in the night coughing etc. Now I had a sustained sleep and as I looked back, I could see how far I had come. I thought of our spiritual lives and how it is good to think back on where we were when the Lord found us. We were all “dead in our sins” and in great need of Him. I don’t think any of us realize how truly “sick” (in our sin) we are.  Often we are like the Pharisees who felt no need for a Physician since they thought they were already fine by keeping the law. But our need is desperate and the Great Physician is eager to help us. Change doesn’t happen over night but He begins His work in us and we see His hand of grace.  I love to hear people share of being rescued out of darkness and being brought into the light of His healing presence. Let us press on to know Him but let us also remember where we were when He found us…. For then we will live in gratitude and grace.