Devotions based on an article in Conversations magazine by Phileena Heurtz

The spiritual journey is one that invites us to understand and accept in a fuller way our own belovedness so that we can love others as well. Surrender and letting go are the surest ways to find out who we truly are, who God is, and who our neighbor is. Thomas Merton said, “In order to find God, Whom we can only find in and through the depths of our own soul, we must therefore first find ourselves. “  In order for this to happen and for transformation to take place in us, we need a life of contemplation and action. We give ourselves through our vocations in acts of service and love. Our way is unique to our nature, personality, gifts and strengths. But action without contemplation can lead us off course and sometimes do more harm than good. Contemplation means “creating sacred space to be still, to rest in God, to reflect, to look inward, to attend to the inner life and simply to be with God in solitude, silence, and stillness.” As we do this we will find interior freedom instead of trying to control, His love instead of trying to win the love of others, His presence and peace rather than false security. God speaks to each of us, “You are my Beloved; on you my favor rests.”