For devotions today I would like to share about our Bible School reunion over the weekend. What a rich time together with about 30 others that graduated from CLBS. Although we didn’t receive college credit at the time, I think our 2 years of Bible school had a profound influence on the rest of our lives, laying a wonderful foundation. The son of the founder was there and much tribute was given to his father, who was a humble spiritual mentor to us all. Al did the first hour sharing about The Lazarus Life and leading us to face things in our lives that we need to be freed from. Also, discussion on receiving God’s love in the ways He comes to us individually. The next sharing was on the End Times by a missionary to Brazil for 35 years. His wife died recently of cancer and her home coming was so beautiful. She had been in a coma and come out of it long enough to share  how she had seen Jesus, her newly born grandchild who had lived only 24 hours, her parents etc. She was so ready to leave this earthly tent and go to her heavenly dwelling. Others shared of their experiences and also asked for prayers for their loved ones who need healing etc. One missionary was committed to share Christ with at least one person a day, after much prayer to know whose heart God had prepared. She said it was like jiggling the fruit on the tree that was ripe and ready. God has led us all on His individual paths for our lives, but our deep connection is in Him and knowing His love. Some day we will all be reunited in heaven and what a glorious time awaits us. In the meantime, let us use the opportunities to share Him with those He sends our way.