Devotions based on James Smith book Embracing the Love of God

Caring for ourselves involves nurturing our spirit, soul and body. The new self, the true self that we are in Christ, requires ongoing spiritual sustenance.  God has left us exercises and activities that allow spiritual life and power to flow through us.  Prayer, for example is a channel through which we receive this power and life, along with meditating on scripture, memorizing it, taking sacraments, fasting etc.  We also need to care for our soul which is the part of us that feels, enjoys, yearns, weeps, desires and wills. We must not neglect our emotions but rather pay attention to our feelings and passions and be sensitive to this part of our lives.  This requires that we give space for reflection and time for relaxation and enjoyment.  We need to live close to our hearts and pay attention to what we feel. When we enjoy the world around us and experience healthy pleasures we are caring for our souls. Since our souls and spirits are housed in our bodies we need to love and nurture them as well. That means eating healthy food, exercising, getting plenty of rest etc. If we take care of them they will reward us with the energy and vitality that allow us to experience more of life and extend the power of God to others.  Our bodies are the primary receptacles for the life of God.  I Cor. 6:19.   Because our souls are affected by what w do with our bodies, it is important that we care for them.

Tomorrow will share things we can to do that we might reflect His glory through our lives.