Devotions from James Smith book Embracing the Love of God

God cares for how we care for ourselves and this care for ourselves is not something selfish.  As we care for ourselves we are really allowing God to care for us. The very fact that he gave us a Sabbath day shows that He cares for us by insisting we rest our bodies and give space to our souls one day a week.

“God invites us to integrate His presence, His resources, His wisdom, and His power into our lives.”   He wants us to ask for His help in every aspect of our lives, especially when things are difficult.  He suffers when He sees us trying to work through painful times on our own. Caring for ourselves means allowing God to be part of our lives, and our part is to believe and to seek Him.  God created us out of love and He wants us to experience that love and stand before Him as a trophy of His goodness, grace and mercy.
Each of us came into this world for a single purpose: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Who are we that He should love us so much?  We are magnificent creatures, fearfully and wonderfully made. We are spiritual beings with souls and bodies and tomorrow I will share more on how to care for each aspect of these parts of our lives.