Dear Ones,
Happy weekend to you! Bright sunshine again and a beautiful day! I was busy in my kitchen this morning and made egg dishes and a stir fry with steak and veggies, and Choc chip cookies. Lars and Ann were here yesterday afternoon and sent them home with the S.F. cookies I had on hand. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   Sometimes a writer seems to capture the message we want to say to the Lord only we can’t seem to find the words. While reading author Rebecca Barlow Jordon recently, her prayer is something I want to pray not just today, but often to begin my day with joy and purpose… maybe you will too and here is part of it:
   “Lord, I worship you today and want to give you praise for another day of life. As I begin to think about your amazing grace and for all you have done on my behalf, I am overwhelmed with joy. Your love draws me into your sweet presence the moment my eyes open…
This morning I offer back to you this day and my life as a gift of gratitude…. Write on my heart the lessons you want to teach me today. Fill my mouth with your words and thoughts, not mine. I long to live this day for you, with my affections set on things above, not focusing on worries here on earth…. Some days I feel like I have so little to offer; yet you know my heart. You created me, and you love me just as I am. You require nothing from me but faith,  because your love is a gift with no strings attached. I can’t earn it, and I can’t buy it. But, Lord, out of a deep love for you, I desire to live for you today in such a way that encourages others. I want to bless you as well as those who cross my path….
So accept my morning offering prayer today, Lord. May my life be a sweet fragrance to you, as I seek to follow you, to love you with all my heart, soul, and mind, and to love others as myself.….Order my steps today; guard my thoughts; and bathe my actions with thoughtfulness and goodness, so others can see your reflection in me. I trust you; I wait for you, and I listen for your voice. Your strength is all I need. With eagerness, I begin this day and offer my life to live for you, any way you want.
In Jesus name, Amen.”
Challenge for today: Pray this prayer tomorrow morning before beginning your day!
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy