Dear Ones,
Happy weekend! It is windy and a little cool but so nice to have the sunshine! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. This morning I did food prep, made bars and cleaned the apartment. This afternoon we are invited to friends for coffee and fellowship. Emoji
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  Aren’t we glad our lives aren’t run by our feelings?  If they were, so many things would never get done. Many children would be sent to school without breakfast for mom felt she would rather stay in bed longer than to get up and fix the kids something nourishing. Or what if we wake up waiting to see how we feel today before we determine what to do with our day? One mom told me she would wait to see if she felt like it would be a good day and then decide what she would do, based on her feelings. Most days she did not feel like cooking or cleaning up the house so she lived according to her feelings and her family paid the consequences too. Play that out in the work world and we wouldn’t last long at our job!
   Much of our everyday lives, involves managing our feelings and emotions and rising above them and not letting them control us. Often, we have to make decisions that may be hard ones and we would really rather not do what is placed before us. But we have a sense that God is asking something of us, and He will give us the strength and will to go beyond our feelings and actually do it. I find that true and afterwards I feel such peace that I acted, and didn’t rely on my negative feelings.
   Or maybe we are tempted in an area and we feel we have no control but to give in to our strong feelings. That is a lie from the enemy and God’s power rises above our fickle feelings.
   It says in II Sam, 22:33-34 (God’s Word), “ God arms me with strength. His perfect way sets me free. He makes my feet like those of a deer and gives me sure footing on high places.” He will give us power to do the right thing, and we can feel like that deer jumping in those high places and landing firmly, if we don’t cave in to our feelings. Feelings come and go and of course the enemy loves to use them to pander to our own ways rather than doing what God has in store. But God will give us His power to act in alignment with His will rather than our feelings. Our strength is in the Lord and let us hold onto His promises to get us through those tough times when we have to move against our feelings and do His best.
  Challenge for today: Rehearse God’s promises and rise above your feelings.
Blessings on  your weekend and prayers and love, Judy