Devotions based on David Benner’s book, Opening to God

There is a prayer beyond doing and it is prayer of BEING. This is a prayer of simply being with God. It is an experiential knowing and resting in His presence. Usually this is called contemplative prayer and it is a way of opening our selves to something beyond ourselves. It is like looking through the eyes of wonder as we open our eyes to God. Contemplative prayer is wordless and a trusting openness to Him, who cannot be captured in words but who lives in us. It is a knowing that we are in God and God is in and with us in love. Being with God does not depend on words and words are even distracting. The goal is not elimination of words or thoughts but openness to God. “Contemplateve prayer is not the suspension of action or the elimination of thoughts and words, but turning toward God in faith and openness. The rest is up to God.”   The author suggests  praying the Jesus Prayer or  practicing Centering prayer but the key is simply spending time with God in inner stillness.  May each of  us make space for Him!